Short Mead

Short Mead is a wonderful and very easy beverage to make. It is easier than beer, and a little simpler than wine. Unlike Great Mead, Short Mead has a lower alcohol volume, and you should keep it below about 11 % ABV as if you go too high fermentation will not be quick and simple as desired.

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Wine from Dried Elderflowers

Elderflower is a traditional wine that was historically popular because it ferments on the wild yeast in the elderflowers, though this recipe uses commercial wine yeast for consistent results. The recipe begins by making a tea with dried elderflowers, though you can also use freshly collected elderflowers without the stalks if you like (You need about 20 heads). The elderflower tea begins to smell very appealing on the second day, so suspend judgement when the tea is fresh. Continue reading “Wine from Dried Elderflowers”

Plum Wine

A favourite in Asia, plum wine is easy and inexpensive to make, though it has a reputation for not always clearing fully, but this recipe gives you a good chance because of the inclusion of Pectolase. This recipe is also sound for peaches, nectarines and other stone fruits, so keep an eye out for seasonal and inexpensive sources of fruit. Continue reading “Plum Wine”

Corned Beef

This recipe uses Sodium Nitrite to turn 1 to 2 kg of beef into corned beef. You can use Sodium Nitrite if you are very careful or you can obtain Instacure #1 / Prague Powder #1 / Pink curing salts. Quantities for both are given. Ensure that your Pink Curing Salts are 6.25% Sodium Nitrite and 93.75% Sodium Chloride. Any other concentrations will require recalculation.

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The Grand Cow Sous-Vide-Off

In the Country they don’t call them cows: cows are just for milk, what we eat are heifers or bullocks (That’s not a rude typo, it’s a kind of cow.) However to those of us who don’t wear wellies to work, they’re cows, and they’re tasty, and in modern Ireland you can buy them in Aldi.

A picture of a contented brown cow lying in an alpine field.
A Cow

It’s only been a year since I was informed in conversation of the delights that awaited me in in the Aldi beef fridge. I was sceptical because when I was young we got really good steaks in a butcher or maybe Superquinn, but the world moves on, so I gave it a try. Continue reading “The Grand Cow Sous-Vide-Off”