Jalapeño Relish

This spicy relish has a real kick of jalapeños, and you can adjust the quantity to your taste. It’s perfect for burgers where the robust flavour of beef balances the heat of the relish, or for those who like spicy food, serve with breakfast, hash browns, fingers of fried bread, or strong cheese. This recipe makes about 800 grammes of relish.

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Sweet Relish

This delicious relish has lots of apple and a medium-sweet flavour and a warm aroma of cloves. Serve it on fried bread, full Irish breakfast, over hash browns and fried eggs, on burgers with cheese and bacon, on toast with home cooked ham or with a cheeseboard and oat crackers. This recipe makes about 2 kilogrammes so you won’t be stuck for relish for some time. If you follow the pasteurisation step it will keep, frozen for a year or in the fridge for a few months until opened. Continue reading “Sweet Relish”