Rice Cooker Creamed Rice

650 ml milk
225 g sushi or pudding rice
To flavour choose some of:
Almond essence,
Vanilla essence,
Sushi ginger (2-4 slices),
Sucralose or sugar.

First heat all ingredients and stir well to break up the rice. You can do this in a rice cooker set to hot but you must be extremely careful to turn it to the warm setting when hot or it will boil over creating a mess.

Leave in the rice cooker on the warm setting for two to three hours, stirring occasionally.

Chill if desired and eat with jam, fruit or wobble cake.

Crumbly Oat Cookies

300 g Oat Flour (You can make this from rolled oats in a food processor if required)
150 g Self-raising White Flour (Or Plain Flour with Half Level Teaspoon Baking Powder)
100 g whole rolled oats (Optional)
120 g Butter
150 g Coconut Oil
3 Medium Eggs
2 tablespoons Canola or Sunflower Oil
1 g Pure Sucralose or equivalent sweetener
2 g Salt
1 tbsp Vanilla Essence (Optional)

Theese cookies are sugar free a deliciously oaty and crumbly. The main advantage to this recipe is that it is very easy to prepare and the dough is easy to press because once mixed fully it doesn’t stick to the hands.

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Dawn at Fairy Castle

Using Sparkolloid Wine Finings

Sparkolloid is a proprietary wine fining made by Scott Laboratories. It is a combination of diatomaceous earth and polysaccharides. It is more suitable for vegans in that it is derived from fossils of algae. It is easy to prepare, you need only boil it in water for five minutes and add it to your wine hot. It has a neutral odour and very little effect on the flavour of the finished product.

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Using Isinglass Wine Finings

Isinglass is a wine fining made from the byproducts of the fishing industry, specifically it is a gelatin made from the swim bladders of sturgeon and other fish. It has a dubious smell in dried form and is difficult to mix. If you allow it to get warm after mixing or you keep it too long after hydration it smells pretty foul. However, if used correctly, it is a very effective fining agent that can render a wine or other liquor crystal clear, and because it settles out completely none of its undesirable properties remain in the wine. Overall, if used properly, it is a very good fining. Even though it settles out of the beverage it is not vegetarian.

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Rice “Whisky”

This recipe is adapted from Marguerite Patten’s 1963 book “500 Recipes for Home-Made Wines and Drinks” though the quantities have been adjusted to be more convenient and correspond to the typical sizes in which the ingredients are packaged. This recipe has the advantage of requiring few special ingredients beyond the basics and makes a delicious beverage like dilute bourbon. Continue reading “Rice “Whisky””